Our Vision

Shivam Drip has been on a mission to find innovative solutions at an affordable price to bring in upliftment of farmers. India, being an agriculture based economy, is in dire need to conduct farm business in a profitable manner. This drives us to help the farmer community by offering them a cost effective solution without any compromise in quality.

Shivam rain pipe has been developed with this vision, so that farm folks can cash in on their produce with proper utilization of their precious natural resource of water.

This DOUBLE LAYER UV STABILIZED technology help farmers to prosper by using water efficiently. It helps increase their crop yield at one fourth cost of traditional drip irrigation system. Instead of using complex emitters, Shivam rain hose employs laser punched holes in plastic tubing. It deliver water in jet stream form at uniform rate across the farm.

We are renowned leaders in manufacturing / exporting of Shivam Rain Hose irrigation and have covered different continents across the globe with repeat CONTAINER orders.

Open doors to prosperity..

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