40mm 1 ACRE SPRAY KIT PRICE: 8500 Rs

32mm 1 ACRE SPRAY KIT PRICE: 8000 Rs

20mm 1 ACRE MINI RAIN HOSE KIT PRICE: 8000 Rs [12 Rolls, 100 Mtr EACH]

Shivam Spray Irrigation Kit contains RAIN HOSE and fittings. This is a “Do It Yourself Kit”. No professional is required to install the kit.  The kit contains all parts required for Spray Irrigation of the given area.  Only PVC pipes of 2 inch / 63 mm is required.
Suitable Crop:Onion, Groundnut, Vegetables, Greens and Other Closely Spaced Crops

Particulars of 1 Acre 40mmQuantity
RAIN HOSE 40mm (100 Mtr Roll)6
Take up/Grommet12
Ball Valve12
Rain Connect12
End Cap12
Drill Bit1
Fittings for 40mm Rain Hose


LASER PUNCHED DRIP TAPE – 200 micron wall thickness /45 cm / 9 lph / 16 mm / 500 meter length
Grommet 16mm ,
Take off with ball valve 16mm Lock
End Cap 16 mm Lock
Straight Connector 16 mm Lock
Drill Bit Stainless Steel 16 mm

Other wall thickness: 130 micron, 300 micron

Other sizes available: 20mm size along with 20mm fittings as mentioned above
Please contact us for price of drip kit.